Five-Star Friend: An Open Letter

You waltzed into my life in the oddest of ways

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*****10/10, would recommend: A testimonial — Volume 1.

We can’t always know what brings people together. I think it is usually something small and seemingly insignificant, forgettable, or mundane. One of those life moments where it is only in retrospect that we are able to see the importance. Similar to the butterfly effect in chaos theory, something happens and our trajectories are set: parallel paths become perpendicular. Whatever it was, something hit our proverbial cue balls and created a pivot point.

I remember the exact moment, but that detail doesn’t matter right now. I was on the doorstep of change with a bifurcating path in front of me. I felt lost as everything I understood or had worked for had been set on fire. Not literally, of course, but I certainly felt as though I was sifting through ash looking for fragments of me.

And that’s where you found me: on dirty knees with a dustpan in my hands. Attempting clean-up and trying to decide if I dared to reimagine myself; to rebuild — or just trade it all in with a swan dive into Lake Erie.

So anyway, *poof* there you were. So different and new; but somehow you were instantly familiar. You came to me with an outlook and perspective that simultaneously flipped me upside down, opened a window, and cleared away some of the ash. We shared a unique interest and the complex and intelligent conversations about it lit a path.

You have taught me so much. I trust you. You inspire me, believe in me. (Even though you want to toss me over your shoulder and throw me into the lake yourself sometimes.) You lay it all out there bravely — you make an effort and there aren’t words that justify what that means to me.

You sow seeds of hope…and tend them, too. Because that’s what you do, you know. That’s your superpower.

And then you take me a step further and show me that I can harvest from that field. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Shining that light for someone when they are feeling too dark to light their own way. Like a relay race, the passing of the torch. Friends don’t scatter when things get complicated and dark. Instead, they stand by you and help you along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving, Coach.

Photo by Daniel Andrade on Unsplash

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