The Land of Forget


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In the melancholy contemplation
of lives not lived and
inside the blurry nostalgia
for the never-was and the half-happened;
is the dark-haired girl
that never was
…yet, somehow, still *is*

(Drowning deep in the locked tall tower)

Reliving moments that never were…
in a land where hazy memory and simple wish mix;
and bittersweet untruths
slip from the mind
like words thought of
–while simultaneously forgotten

(tip of the tongue)

Better oblivious is she,
from never a taste to be had
of that heat that you give
from that sun that burns within you;
that energy


(disheveled dark curls)

The moment in between sleep and waking
hovering in the Land of Forget
where only pleasure exists

Of what do you dream while soft breath rises?



Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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