Father’s Day Thoughts

From a wanna-be Daddy’s girl

Photo by Nohe Pereira on Unsplash

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads. You know the ones.

The ones who put in the effort day after day, crafting a world for the people that they love. The protectors, the providers, the ones who care. To the ones who go above and beyond to make you laugh, the ones who smile because they made you smile. To the ones with a calming presence who create safe places.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who won’t let you walk away with tears in your eyes. The ones who ask the hard questions with a lump in their throat, their forehead crinkled in genuine interest. To the ones who raise their voice when needed, but know when to whisper, too. To the ones who lift you up, who push you on, who believe in you more than anyone else.

To the ones who pull you in and hold you tight against them. Their solid chest a comfort to lean against. To their manly sandpaper-y cheeks that manage to leave ‘echoes’ from their kisses upon your cheeks. The ones that hold you gently in strong and rough hands. To the ones who push the hair out of your face so they can look you deep in the eye… and then lift your chin so you can’t look away.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. Who know just how manly it is to show they care. To the ones who show you the world, making time to teach you what they know. To the ones who smile as they witness you grow. To the ones who want to show you how much they love.

To the ones who fix things around the house, know all about cars, who finish bathrooms and basements or build decks, tools steady in their hands. To the ones who plan vacations… or tell you to jump in the car for some spontaneous little trip. To the Dads who are perfectly imperfect and always trying to be better than the person they were the day before.

To the above average, the outstanding, the incredible Superman Dads… For the silly voices and funny faces, the bed time stories and for checking under the bed, for the fishing trips and forest hikes, the evening walks and pillow fights, the airplane rides and movie nights…

Thank you for being you.


I can’t help but wonder what my birth father would have been like. He died when I was four, but I do remember how I felt when I was around him. Although it is unlikely, I like to imagine he would have been much like the men I describe above… and very different from the man who became my father. And that if I had that growing up, then maybe I would have been aware enough to pick a better father for my kids. History repeats itself, and we tend to gravitate towards what we know… good or bad.

Although it doesn’t matter now since I am old, I am glad to have met a couple amazing Dads who have shown me how it could have been.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads from a wanna-be Daddy’s girl.

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