About Me

If I am not nose deep in a book (I’ll see you when I finish), then I am lost in the Googling world, devouring brainy articles and compulsively filing their links into Frankenstein-esque Bookmark Folders while basking in the light of the 57 browser tabs that I have open all at once.

Also known as:

  • Expert mistake maker
  • Useless knowledge know-er
  • Lucid dreamer
  • ADD brain wielder
  • Crystal carrier
  • Skewed reality realist
  • Procrastinator
  • Herbalist
  • Owner of a broken heart
  • Worshiper of words
  • Competitive napper
  • Self-doubt aficionado
  • Ridiculous romantic
  • Nature lover
  • Believer of magic
  • Energy reader
  • Over thinker
  • Some-day traveler
  • Wanna-be cuddler
  • Writer of rough drafts

Writing is something that I have done in some way throughout each of my 40-some years on this planet.

A few times, I might have even done it well.

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Photo by Saif Selim on Pexels.com